Currently there’s only one bar in London with a dedicated Lesbian only space. Options have been declining for several years. The community has however taken matters into their owns hands and started to organise events of their own. London now has a number of dedicated nights and parties taking place across the city and they are proving popular. The following is a list of bars, places, themed nights and club events that are either dedicated to or attract a sizeable mostly lesbian, but also non-binary and Trans crowd across London. 

Mint – Various Locations

Mint runs a range of events for Lesbian, Bisexual, Trans and Queer women in Soho and other parts of London. The events are for those with refined taste who want to dance, catch up with friends and meet like-minded women.

Mint Party has about 400 to 600 guests and takes place in private member clubs or lively venues. Mint Social is more of an intimate affair with numbers of 200 to 250 guests. The venues are high calibre. Follow Mint on Instagram @minteventsldn, Facebook – Mint events or visit their website

Ku Klub – Leicester Square

Tuesdays at Klub Ku have traditionally been a Lesbian dedicated night for a while. Ruby Tuesdays established the night as a Lesbian space. Femme Daddy later took over the residency until recently. Ku Klub now hosts a night known as Mx. Mx is the title used before the surname (i.e. Mrs Miss Mr) that  avoids specifying their gender. The night features queer performers and DJs and is open between 10pm and 3pm.

Ku Bar

Gal Pals – Stoke Newington & Brighton

Gal Pals is a queer dance party founded in 2015. The party alternates between Junction House in Dalston, London and Komedia in Brighton. Expect Pop, R&B, Hip Hop, Rock and Queer party anthems.

Royal Vauxhall Tavern – Vauxhall

Royal Vauxhall Tavern is a former Victorian Music Hall and now one of London’s most historic LGBTQ Venues. RVT brings in a mixed crowd and has alternative themed nights throughout the week. The Vibe is always upbeat and high energy no matter the event. RVT is one of the more popular bars in London with the lesbian, non binary and trans crowd.

Duckie, with its outrageous shows and DJ is very popular with the LGBT+ community and takes place every Saturday.

Bar Wotever presents performers from the UK and abroad and has open mic slots for residential performers. Bar Wotever is a popular weekly event with the lesbian crowd and takes place every Tuesday.

Butch Please is a club night that attracts a diverse lesbian crowd. The event combines music, art and performance. Butch please takes place at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern every other month, with special events at varied locations.

Woman2Woman Sundayz – Lee

Woman2Woman Sundayz is a weekly Sunday event that takes place at Interlude, Lee, south London. The evening includes an open mic session, where women perform spoken word, rap and sing. There’s also DJs, games, food, drink and shisha. Find them on Instagram (@woman2woman_events_) and Facebook (Woman2Woman Sundayz)

G-A-Y – Soho

GAY is located on Compton Street, the heart of LGBTQ London. The venue attracts a varied, younger (20s and 30s) crowd across the LGBTQ and straight community. Although the venue has a higher proportion of gay men, there is still a sizeable amount of women from the Lesbian, Bisexual and Trans part of the community. GAY is busy throughout the week and has a high energy, pop club vibe.The drinks are reasonably priced and the atmosphere fun.

GAY Bar Soho London

Pxssy Palace – Various locations

Pxssy Palace intentionally centres around and prioritises a safe place for non-binary, Lesbian, Trans and Queer women of colour. Freedom of expression in dance and dress is encouraged on the night. Find Pxssy Palace on Instagram (@pxssypalace) and Facebook.

Lick Events – Vauxhall & Various locations

Lick events organise various strict women-only events across London. You can expect striptease, DJs, Live acts and music in the form of R&B, Reggaeton, Grime and Hip Hop. There’s a sizeable crowd of 600 and above attendees to these events.

Lick has recently found a permanent home at Fire and Lightbox night club in Vauxhall. The 350 capacity venue will hold a weekly club night in addition to its monthly events. The ambition is to eventually increase to 7 days a week. Find them on Instagram (@lickevents) and Twitter (@lickevents)

Dalston Superstore

Dalston Superstore provides a true alternative to other LGBTQ venues in London. The bar is popular across the board including the lesbian, non binary, bisexual and trans crowd. Dalston Superstore has many regular nights dedicated to women who like women. Body Con, Female Trouble, Fanny Packer, Femme Fraiche, Fraiche Fruit and Nite Dykez are just some of the events that take place.

The crowd is usually younger, eclectic, fashionable and definitely not afraid to push the limits on style and self-expression. I would recommend keeping an eye on their social media for dates, upcoming events and latest happenings.

Dalston Superstore entrance

Lez Events – Varied locations

Lez Events throw club night parties across London in venues that are plush, chic, quirky and glitzy. The music is a mixture of House, UK Garage, R&B, Hip Hop and a little bit of pop. The dress code is glamorous and there’s often a burlesque stage performance.

The event takes place roughly once a month. Keep an eye on their social media for venues and dates. Find LezEvents on Instagram – @lezevents_, Facebook or Eventbrite.

SHE Bar – Soho

SHE Bar is a ‘women-priority’ venue and the only bar in London dedicated to and prioritising the Lesbian, non-binary and Trans crowd. Based on Compton Street, the heart of Gay London, SHE Bar is a Chic and sophisticated basement bar.

SHE Bar has built a reputation for its friendly bar staff and atmosphere. The venue offers a range of drinks, including a cocktail menu and happy hour. SHE Bar has different themed nights throughout the week including Drag King shows, Burlesque and DJs on the weekend. She Bar

She Bar

Aphrodyki – Shoreditch

Aphrodyke is an R&B and Pop club night with an Ancient Greek theme. The crowd consists of younger femme types, but all are welcome. The event has been held at various locations in the past and now regularly takes place at the Miranda Ace Hotel in Shoreditch. 

For more information you can find them on their website,, Twitter (@APHRODYKI), Instagram and Facebook.

Shabby-She Lesbian Social – Penge

Shabby-She Lesbian Social takes place at The Bridge House Tavern in Penge, South London. The pub has a cosy, shabby chic feel and is the perfect place to meet for a chat and catch up.

This social event takes place the last Friday of every month and is attended by roughly 30 to 40 women. The vibe is friendly and laid back. This is a perfect event to meet new people. Find them on Facebook.