Highgate Men’s Bathing Pond – North West London

Highgate men’s bathing pond is Located within the east end of Hampstead Heath. This area is amongst the most popular parks with gay men from all over London during spring and summer. The pond itself provides a diving board, shower and toilet facilities. There’s a small nudest bathing area within the pond vicinity. The pond is monitored by life guards and accessed via a gate which is locked at night. Men of all ages, gay and straight, including children regularly use this bathing area.

Most gay men converge on the grassy mound outside the entrance area to the pond. Tops off, stripped down to shorts and speedos, this is where gay men go to sun bath and socialise. It’s best to bring your own snacks and drinks as there are no food or drink facilities within the area. Weekends are substantially busier than week days. The best way to access the area is via the entrance to Hampstead Heath on Millfield Lane, just off Highgate road. Buses 214 and 88 run between Highgate road and Kentish Town station.

Hampstead Heath

Kennington Park – South London

Kennington Park is situated in South London between Oval and Kennington stations. This is amongst the more popular parks in London with the Gay community due to its location. The park is frequented by locals using the space to walk dogs, sun bath, jog and go for walks. More of a recreational place than a destination place, the park has a sizeable number of gay guys through out the week. This is due to the surrounding neighbourhoods having some of the highest gay population densities in the UK.

Kennington Park

Kenngton Park

Clapham Common – South London

Clapham Common is a large triangular urban park located in South West London. The park is lively and used for various activities. The North Eastern area of the park, closest to Clapham Common tube station, is favoured by south London gay guys that go there to sunbath and socialise during the spring and summer.

This section is a popular area of the park generally due to it’s busy and convenient location. Clapham is a popular neighbourhood within the gay community, the high street and common area are frequented by many local gay guys. There’s no shortage of food and drink offerings around the park, which include restaurants, cafes, bars and super markets.

Clapham Common

Old Compton Street – Central London

Most of the businesses along Old Compton Street are either targeted toward, or frequented by the gay community. Located in Soho, Old Compton Street has established itself as the heart of gay London.

The entire length of Old Compton street is buzzing thanks to its bars, coffee shops, cafes and restaurants spilling out onto the streets with varied al fresco options. This is the best place in London to people watch, bump into old friends and make new friends.

Old Compton Street, Soho

Soho Square – Central London

Still in the Soho area, Soho square is situated close to Tottenham Court Road station. The park is located in the popular gay district of Soho, London’s gay capital. The square is small and very busy through out the week.

There’s plenty of seating and even a couple table tennis tables, so be sure to bring your own bats and balls if you wish to play. The crowd is mixed and not as busy with the Gay community as it once was, but the numbers are still substantial in comparison to other locations.

Soho Square

Brighton Beach & Pier – Brighton

Brighton has the highest proportion of same sex households in the UK and is an hour by train from London. These factors make Brighton Beach a huge drawer for the gay community during the summer months. The beach is made of pebbles so be sure to protect your feet and bring a matt to make the sunbathing experience more comfortable.

The area has no shortage of activities, bars, cafes and restaurants, all frequented by the Gay community. There’s a nudest beach close to the Marina which is particularly popular with gay guys.

Brighton Beach

South Bank – Central London

The area between Jubilee Gardens and the National Theatre is at times frequented by Gay guys due to events popular with, or directly catering to the Community. In particular the underbelly festival, next to Jubilee Gardens, holds Caberet, Circus and Boylesque shows that have been popular with the London gay crowd for years.

The Royal Festival hall, South Bank Centre, National Theatre and Underbelly Festival together with all the pop up bars and food stalls provide a huge array of al fresco options during the summer. The vibe is buzzing and full of life through out the day. This is an area popular with everyone of all ages and all walks of life. The proportion of gay visitors to the area can be hit and miss. Keep an eye out for events and shows that cater to the community.

South Bank London